Guide to a Screenplay Structure that Works

Make the Structure and Characters of Your Screenplay Work

Eyeglasses inverted 4Many books on screenwriting exist and they in fact are very useful.  Nothing beats, however, frequent reading of good screenplays.  It gives a sense of the style and the how.  We have links to some still active in our Oscar Nominated Screenplay comments for Original and Adapted Screenplay.

But fundamentals must be adhered to, otherwise neither the film nor the screenplay will be emotionally engaging — or even make sense.  The downloadable PDF attached to this page is a fill-in-the-blank guide to make sense of a screenplay you may be writing or revising.  It allows you to understand and analyze the story, the theme, the characters and the structure of your screenplay, melding information from many sources and experience.  Hope it works for you!


Click on the link to download: Screenplay foundations – Blank Form. Use for advanced outlining and revising.