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About A Film Look – Carlos J. Rangel

New Year 2015 - 1So I write. I read, I see, I think.  I also listen and, sometimes, people listen to me.  This is not my only blog, I have a published book.  But I would like to dedicate this page to film.  Comments, clips, lists, even scripts and bits.

Dialogue matters, in life as well as film. I look forward to interesting dialogue on this page.

Quick caveat: All essay content in this site is thematic commentary and, as such, may have so called “spoilers”.  If knowing what a movie is about, what are its twists, turning points or mysteries ruin a movie for you then do not read these.  If you enjoy watching The Godfather, Jaws, An American in Paris or The Birds over and over again, well then, you are my kind of reader.

Screenplays and Scripts

If you are a real buff or interested in that kind of thing, I have a library of scripts I have collected over time. Many of these are not available online anymore, but some are. If you wish and are legitimately interested in using one of these screenplays for educational purposes only and cannot find it online, I can send you a copy of any in the list. Drop a line to with your request. Remember, the copyrights still belong to the copyright holder.

During Award Season some screenplays are available directly: 2013; 2014

Note: if the screenplays on the year links are not active anymore, you may request the script you are interested in at

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