Flight of the Birdman – Redux.

birdman behindBIRDMAN, no doubt, is one of the best films of the year. It has originality, drama, effects, comedy… and some very good acting as well as excellent cinematography.

Upon seeing it a second time, nuances surface and anticipated humor or drama is heightened. Yet… as in the first time, an aftertaste remains at the end which makes this film not soar all the way up to its full potential heights.

An outstanding film can be seen many times and “spoilers” are irrelevant: Just because you know Fredo set up Sonny’s ambush at the toll plaza, it does not mean you can’t see The Godfather over and over again. But Birdman… (SPOILER ALERT) …

It’s that last scene… it always makes me like the movie less.

CJ Rangel